iCareHealth’s one-of-a-kind team and culture

We have learnt so much from the aged care industry over the past 10 years, and we have continuously used those insights to improve our organisation in order to become a leading software provider.

The iCareHealth team is united by the same goal, which is to develop software solutions that help nursing and care staff in their crucial role of delivering the best care possible to older Australians. Our entire team believes that technology advancements are revolutionising the aged care sector and we’re all passionate about working with care providers to navigate these changes.

We also believe that culture is the foundation for iCareHealth. At iCareHealth, culture is the sum of all contributions and efforts, and it requires ongoing attention from everyone in our team to get it right.

We combine inherent passion for what we do and our positive working environment with must-have attributes such as dedication, commitment, diligence, respect and understanding. The result is a hard working team that strives to deliver extraordinary service with every interaction – another element we have adapted from the nursing and care staff in the aged care sector.

iCareHealth is currently made up of over 60 passionate team members; all diverse in professional backgrounds, experiences, ideas, opinions, and points of view. At iCareHealth, we embrace and encourage diversity because it ensures that the expertise and services we deliver to clients stem from a unique blend of industry, technical and professional experience.

Our office environment is friendly, warm and collaborative. In fact, we’ve eliminated many of the barriers to collaboration. No one has a designated seat or desk – each day we make our own decision as to where we sit and who we sit with, so we can make the most out of every day. Our desk drawers have been replaced with personal lockers and phone calls are made via our computers to encourage more dynamic and honest communication between our team.

What our employees say …

“iCareHealth is a fantastic organisation where I have been given many opportunities to grow and develop as an employee and to be part of many areas of the business.  The environment and collaboration between all teams across the business creates a positive culture, encouraging work environment and ensures our high standards are maintained and client needs met.”
Candice Rice, Client Manager – Residential

“iCareHealth continues to grow as a company yet we have still retained the ‘small company’ feeling where we all know each other. As an organisation, we are all working towards the same goal of client satisfaction. This makes working with everyone at iCareHealth very rewarding – everything we do is always about our clients. It’s great to know that at the end of the day, the work you have done at iCareHealth has made a measurable difference to the lives of elderly Australians.”
Junaid Qazi, Operations Manager – Home Care

“I truly feel that I am part of a team at iCareHealth. iCareHealth is a forward-thinking organisation that continually strives stay ahead in the market. Because of this, the organisation is willing to try new things in regards to process improvement and technology, which makes it a truly exciting place to work.”
Sarah Evans, Product Owner

“iCareHealth’s ultimate priority is our clients. That is emphasised in every aspect of our work, and you really get a sense that our clients feel that when you speak to them. It’s great to be part of such a passionate team, and to know we’re really making a difference.”
Shuaib Baig, Help Desk & Client Support Consultant

Interested in joining our team?

Please visit our LinkedIn Careers Page for more information. If you would like to express your interest in joining the iCareHealth team, please send your CV and a cover letter to enquiries@icarehealth.com.