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| 01 Jan 2013

Christadelphian Aged Care is an experienced aged care provider that has been serving the community for more than 60 years and has six aged care facilities with a total of 647 beds and a staff of 630. Christadelphian Aged Care believes in a holistic approach to care that respects each individual and promotes the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all residents. As a charitable, not-for-profit organisation, all surplus funds are reinvested back into caring for residents and facilities.

The Challenge

Christadelphian Aged Care implemented iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care software in 2009. After a very successful uptake of the Progress Notes and Observation and Charting Tools features within the software, Christadelphian Aged Care became aware that their staff were not completely comfortable with using the dedicated Care Plans feature.

The Solution

To rectify the situation and get staff to a level where they could comfortably and confidently use the Care Plan module, Christadelphian Aged Care invested in an iCareHealth ‘Train the Trainer’ session. This session was to help to ensure staff had a detailed understanding of the care planning process and were confident in using all aspects of the Care Plan feature. The rationale behind this was that if staff did not understand the module properly, or what it involved, then the Care Plans feature of the software would not be used to its full potential and the complete benefits would not be realised.

To further enhance staff knowledge, internal staff training was conducted and focused on creating, evaluating and reviewing Care Plans to ensure all staff had a clear understanding of the way a Care Plan is developed.

The trainer and change manager at Christadelphian Aged Care, Radhika Kumar, said, “investing in training was crucial to the success of the Care Plan module at Christadelphian Aged Care. Taking that extra time to get everybody confident with the process and the module, prior to going live, has meant that our staff feel comfortable using the Care Plan features.”

“Our staff were prepared to embrace the change management we put in place with the electronic Care Plan software,” she said.

As part of their internal process review, Christadelphian Aged Care also implemented a policy that meant prior to commencing a Care Plan, staff members had to make sure all assessment forms within the software were completed, and not left marked as ‘unfinished’. This would ensure that the most accurate clinical data and information was always flowing through to the Care Plan feature.

Christadelphian Aged Care also temporarily redirected two staff members to new positions to assist with the editing process prior to the Care Plan being checked and completed by a registered nurse, which allowed further time savings.

“It is a requirement across Christadelphian Aged Care that all registered nursing staff review and complete all assessment forms prior to commencing a Care Plan. If all assessment forms are complete and up to date, then you can be certain that your Care Plan will be accurate, and reflect the most suitable care path for that resident,” said Radhika.

“Our staff have embraced this because they see the time savings this new system has created when it comes to reviewing or creating a Care Plan – most of the work has already been completed,” she said. “We also conducted a detailed review of all forms to ensure that they accurately generate the Care Plan and this process was imperative in generating personalised care plans.

The Results

Care Plans can now be completed in about one hour … when you compare this with the three hours it would take using the old, paper-based system, iCareHealth’s Care Plan feature has dramatically increased efficiencies.

Major time savings
The major benefit of utilising the Care Plan module for Christadelphian Aged Care was the subsequent time their registered nurses were now saving.

“Care Plans can now be completed in about one hour, providing all mandatory assessment forms have been finished and accurately reflect the care needs of a resident,” said Radhika. “When you compare this with the three hours it would take using the old, paper-based system, iCareHealth’s Care Plan feature has dramatically increased efficiencies. Instead of getting bogged down in the paper work, we now have more time to care for residents and, at the end of the day, that is our primary focus.”

Positive feedback from accreditation agency 
Christadelphian Aged Care have received excellent feedback following agency visit at one of their facilities. They were informed by the agency that their Care Plans were extremely concise, comprehensive and very personalised.

Christadelphian Aged Care has found that strong internal processes and a commitment to the iCareHealth solution has proven that writing a Care Plan in iCareHealth is simple, efficient and concise.

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