Cloud hosted software centralises resident data for RAAFA

| 18 Feb 2016
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Providing quality, consistent care to around 400 residents across five facilities is no easy task. That is why the Western Australia based Royal Australian Air Force Association (RAAFA) decided to implement iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management solution throughout their facilities. We spoke to General Manager of Aged & Community Care, Karen Borthwick, to learn about RAAFA’s experience with the software and find out why they chose to implement iCareHealth’s cloud hosted option.

What was the main reason you decided to implement Clinical, Care and Medication Management software?

Every provider in the aged care industry is moving towards electronic systems, and RAAFA was no different. We previously worked with another software company, however we did not feel that the system provided us with an adequate level of flexibility. After further exploring the market, RAAFA decided to partner with iCareHealth. iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software allowed us to develop our own forms and report on the quality indicators that were important to our organisation. This was critical for RAAFA, as it allowed us to tailor the system to meet our needs. We were also impressed with the new look and feel of the software, and felt our staff would pick up the system well.

Why did RAAFA decide to implement the cloud hosted option and how have you found the transition to cloud?

Implementing the cloud hosted option meant that even if our core infrastructure went down, our facilities would still have 24/7 access to iCareHealth software via the cloud. The transition from our previous infrastructure to the cloud has been seamless, and has reduced the costs and resources associated with internal hosting. With the partnership between iCareHealth and Microsoft Azure, we know that our data is stored securely in Australia, which provides RAAFA with peace of mind.

“Implementing iCareHealth has standardised everything, and has provided a centralised, cloud based location for all resident data” – Karen Borthwick, General Manager of Aged & Community Care.

How did you find the implementation process and what learnings have you taken from it?

RAAFA has five facilities, so implementing iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management solution was a big project. We are fortunate to have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is passionate about providing high quality care, and recognised the importance of investing in a comprehensive system. Having a supportive CIO was integral to the success of the project, and his coordination with our dedicated project officer helped drive the implementation process from start to finish.

Our iCareHealth Implementation Consultant ensured that the project ran smoothly, and the coordination between our CIO and internal project officer was a big help for such a large project. We were happy to invest in our internal resources in order to have a good outcome, and I think the fact that we completed the implementation ahead of schedule is a testament to that.

How has iCareHealth software affected your ability to recruit staff?

iCareHealth’s dominance in the Western Australian market was one of the key reasons for our initial partnership. As a large proportion of the aged care workforce has experience using iCareHealth’s software, we identified that the knowledge transfer within the industry would be greater with iCareHealth than with any other provider. Whether we are recruiting new staff or appointing agency workers, we can be confident that new employees will already have a working knowledge of the software. This saves RAAFA considerable time and resources in training. As a result, we now mention our use of iCareHealth software in all job advertisements.

Overall, what was your staff’s reaction to the software?

I was absolutely blown away by how our staff have adopted iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software. Even our team members who are less computer literate have found the system very easy to use. The simple design means that staff can navigate the software quickly and easily. The only thing I regret now is not getting it sooner!

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software?

Personally, the transparency iCareHealth software provides throughout our organisation is my number one benefit. Before we implemented iCareHealth’s Clinical, Care and Medication Management software, each of our facilities had differing processes in place. Implementing iCareHealth has standardised everything, and has provided a centralised, cloud based location for all resident data – it’s like having all residents under the one roof. As a result, our reporting ability has been greatly enhanced, and we now have a high level of confidence in our knowledge of what is happening at every facility. iCareHealth software has significantly improved our quality of care because we are now auditing from a central base.

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