Co.As.It makes significant mileage cost savings with Home Care Manager software

| 21 May 2015

First established in 1968 under the auspice of the Italian government, Co.As.It, or Comitato Assistenza Italiani, is an education and community organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of the Australian-Italian community. A key aspect of Co.As.It’s Community Services arm is the provision of Home Care Packages to older people throughout Sydney.

Co.As.It recognised that it needed to streamline their home care processes with an electronic system, and in 2009, became one of iCareHealth’s first Home Care Manager clients. We spoke to Team Leader of Community Care, Anita Bonanno, to find out how Co.As.It has used an electronic management system to generate efficiencies throughout their business and remain competitive with the introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

“…once we realised how much money Co.As.It would save on mileage costs in the first year alone, we knew Home Care Manager was essential for our business” – Anita Bonanno, Team Leader of Community Care.

CDC compatibility

With the change to a CDC model of care taking place on 1 July 2015, home care providers across Australia are transitioning their processes in preparation. As one of the largest ethno-specific support agencies in New South Wales, Co.As.It felt they had the resources and the consumer desire to transition to a CDC model before the official start date. In March 2015, Co.As.It began operating under a CDC model with the help of iCareHealth’s Home Care Manager software.

“It was important for our consumers to be able to see where their money was going, so transitioning to the CDC model early was a natural fit for us. Home Care Manager allowed us to move to CDC with far less hassle, as the rostering and scheduling features automatically produce consumer invoices and CDC statements,” said Anita.

Rostering eases confusion

The scale of Co.As.It’s home care operations means there are a number of coordinators working with care staff all over Sydney. As a result, care workers may be interacting with several coordinators at one time, meaning double booking workers was a possibility.

“The rostering function in Home Care Manager helps our coordinators safeguard against double booking workers, which provides peace of mind to our team,” stated Anita.

Mileage cost savings

Calculating mileage costs to and from each home visit takes a considerable amount of time, and can cost a home care organisation a great deal of money in compensating additional kilometres if calculated incorrectly. For Co.As.It, this cost saving was one of the main reasons they decided to implement Home Care Manager.

“Purchasing any software system can be a big investment,” stated Anita, “however once we realised how much money Co.As.It would save on mileage costs in the first year alone, we knew Home Care Manager was essential for our business.”

Mobility promotes visibility

Having visibility across the business is key to running a home care organisation effectively. This is important in ensuring care staff arrive at home visits on time, and stay for the planned length of time. By using Home Care Manager’s compatible smartphone application, Mobile Care Worker, Co.As.It’s home care coordinators are able to confirm that a staff member has arrived on time and at the correct location for every consumer visit.

“By having visibility of our care staff, our coordinators know exactly what’s going on throughout the day. This visibility was helpful when we received a complaint saying that care workers constantly missed a consumer’s visits. We were then able to use the GPS pinpointing to prove that there had only been two missed services in six months. As a manager, having access to this level of detailed information has been so empowering.”

Simple to use

Although Co.As.It management were initially concerned about whether some staff would accept the mobile technology, they found the application’s simple design meant even the less computer literate staff embraced Mobile Care Worker.

“I had staff who never had a mobile phone before,” said Anita, “but now all the care workers are on board. Even the staff who are in their 70’s love the app, because they don’t need to do anything complicated. It really hasn’t created any problems, and I believe that’s because the technology is very simple to use.”

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