Educate staff on LGBTI differences or risk breaching legislation

| 10 Jul 2015

The National LGBTI Health Alliance have warned aged care providers to make sure their staff understand the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) older people in order to comply with federal legislation. The Alliance believe many aged care providers may be unknowingly breaching the Aged Care Act (1997) and Sex Discrimination Act (1984) by not educating their workers.

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Sophia Bolden

Communications Manager

Sophia Bolden is the Communications Manager at Telstra Health - ADCC (formerly iCareHealth). With a background in the disability and aged care sector, she brings an understanding and passion for aged care. Sophia recognises the importance of social media and online communication in relating technology and aged care news in the most effective way possible.


  1. graham

    Just wondering, can you take an Lesbian or other sexually diverse person to the toilet any different than a hetrosexual? or can you feed them differently or shower them differently or change an incontinence pad differently or transfer them using a hoist any other way, can you attend to their buzzer call differently or take their blood pressure differently make their bed differently restock their towels differently or help them to activities differently?

    In my experience, you can only do these things in aged care one way and that’s to treat everyone fairly and equally and on the basis of need regardless of who or where they are, prison or 5 star facility. you still take them to the toilet the same way, with Privacy and Dignity!

    Just a suggestion but we should use caution when singling out groups for special attention above and beyond the needs of others.This can lead to division and segregation amongst residents unnecessarily.

    Equality in Consistency of Care and Quality of Care should be the goal!

    • Sophia Bolden

      Hi Graham,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think you make an excellent point about the need to treat all older people receiving care with the same level of respect in dignity.
      Thank you again for commenting, Graham.


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