Home Care Manager makes CDC management easy for JBMT

| 14 Feb 2017

With over 125 years of supporting the South Australian community, James Brown Memorial Trust (JBMT) is dedicated to providing services to older Australians and those who are disadvantaged. This work is achieved through JBMT’s community services, residential aged care facilities, retirement village and affordable housing. JBMT Kalyra Community Services implemented Telstra Health – Aged, Disability & Community Care’s (ADCC) Home Care Manager software in July 2014. We spoke to System Support Officer, Julie Kuhne, to find out how Home Care Manager has supported JBMT to create efficiencies and deliver high-quality care.

“Home Care Manager on the whole is an easy system to navigate and to train staff on its use. The data export functionality gives us the flexibility to extract information from the system easily and as when we need it” – Julie Kuhne, JBMT Kalyra Community Services

Why did you decide to implement Home Care Manager software?

The importance of being prepared for the introduction of the Consumer Directed Care (CDC) model of service delivery was a necessary consideration in the selection of a system for JBMT. The software’s preparedness for CDC was what set it apart from the other systems. In addition to CDC, Home Care Manager best met our needs when we compared products in the market on their reporting features, their training and support services, and their ease of use; particularly in regard to scheduling and rostering.

JBMT had an existing relationship with Telstra Health – ADCC, as our residential aged care area utilises their Clinical, Care and Medication Management software. In 2016, the JBMT’s independent living units, Kalyra Heights Village, implemented Home Care Manager as a client management system.

How has Home Care Manager streamlined your travel and visit management process?

There are a number of considerations that take place when allocating a worker to a visit. It is not as straight forward as allocating the closest worker to deliver the service; our priority is for the best fit between the client and worker.

Home Care Manager provides us with the tools to check and plan travel routes based on client and worker suitability and locations. The Dashboard timeline is an invaluable tool that lets us see at a glance a worker’s availability and the colour coded visit types they have scheduled for a shift.

Managing travel is an ongoing challenge, especially as we deliver services in both rural and metropolitan areas. The use of the travel calculator to automatically update travel times and kilometres between visits has provided considerable time saving for workers and administration staff.

How has Home Care Manager assisted you in the transition to a CDC model of care?

On July 1st 2015 JBMT transitioned the management of our Home Care Package clients from Excel spreadsheets to the CDC functionality in Home Care Manager. This transition was not without its teething problems, but our confidence with using the CDC functionality continued to grow as we better understood how it worked and were supported by the Home Care Manager Support team when we hit bumps in the road. The improvements in the latest version of Home Care Manager has made the management of our CDC clients even easier, to the extent where the task of generating and checking the detail and summary statements is now reduced to 3 to 4 hours, with the new look statements clear and easy to read.

How has an increase in mobility with the use of Mobile Care Worker benefited your organisation?

We have been using Mobile Care Worker for approximately 12 months and currently have 34 Home Support Workers using their own devices to access Mobile Care Worker with great success. They find the software easy to use and are very pleased to do away with the manual timesheets.

The benefit of using Mobile Care Worker is that visits, information about visits and any issues related to visits are addressed and confirmed on the day that they occur. We no longer need to wait for timesheets to be returned, which allows us to prepare for payroll and client billing in a timely manner.

How has Home Care Manager assisted in the handling of financial information such as pay and invoices?

With the assistance of the Home Care Manager Support team via the development of exports into our payroll system, all payroll details related to visit time, travel time, travel kilometres and kilometres travelled within visits are easily and accurately exported out of Home Care Manager.

Has the rostering functionality in Home Care Manager simplified your rostering process?

The rostering functionality of Home Care Manager is one of its best features; it is logical and easy to use. Care Plans are set up for all clients, Shift Planning and the availability of staff is kept up to date, and Location Care Plans are used to schedule meetings and training for workers.

How have you found working with the Implementation, Training and Support teams?

Our key staff worked closely with Telstra Health – ADCC’s Implementation team to tailor Home Care Manager to our business needs and receive the initial system training. We continue to learn and review how we use Home Care Manager to best support our business.

The Support team is responsive to job requests no matter how small. All members are highly skilled, professional, very patient and great ambassadors for Home Care Manager. They continue to work with us to achieve process improvements for our business using the software.

How has your partnership with Telstra Health – ADCC enabled you to invest in the future of Home Care Manager?

JBMT has invested in making the most of Home Care Manager by continually looking at ways to expand and utilise its functionality to assist in the improvement of our business processes. JBMT is also invested in providing constructive feedback to Telstra Health – ADCC on how to improve the software, and will continue to be involved in the further development of Home Care Manager.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Home Care Manager?

We have found the Home Care Manager Business Development, Operations and Support teams supportive and approachable when it comes to discussing issues or how to better utilise the system.

Home Care Manager on the whole is an easy system to navigate and to train staff on its use. The data export functionality gives us the flexibility to extract information from the system easily and as when we need it.


The James Brown Memorial Trust is currently undergoing a branding change and will in the near future be promoting itself as Kalyra Communities. The James Brown Memorial Trust will continue as the name of the overall organisation.

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