Home Care Manager streamlines rostering process for CentacareCQ

| 14 Apr 2016
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From counselling and case management, to home care services; CentacareCQ is dedicated to providing professional support to those in need. With more than 2,500 clients throughout Central Queensland, CentacareCQ’s home care services require a high quality, configurable software solution to meet the needs of their growing organisation. We spoke to Corporate Services Manager, Robert Sims, to find out how iCareHealth’s Home Care Manager software has created significant cost and time savings for CentacareCQ.

Why did you decide to implement iCareHealth’s Home Care Manager software?

CentacareCQ utilised a competitors system in the past, however it became unsuitable for our growing organisational needs and we decided to seek an alternate software solution. With more than 100 workers in the field, staff rostering took up a considerable amount of our coordinators’ time. As a result, we assessed the market to find a software vendor that prioritised rostering and timesheet management. We chose to partner with iCareHealth as they recognised the importance of streamlining the rostering process through specially designed functionality.

How has Home Care Manager streamlined your mileage cost management process?

Prior to using iCareHealth’s Home Care Manager software, our coordinators had to manually calculate the distance between consumer visits – a very time consuming process. With manual calculations, the risk of overpaying staff on mileage costs was always present, and could run into a substantial amount of unnecessary cost when extrapolated across the business. With Google Maps functionality included within the software’s Mobile Care Worker smartphone component, workers are now able to access the most direct travel routes – with complete visibility for coordinators. As a result, the average worker’s travel times between visits has more than halved – from 12 minutes to 4.5 minutes. This change alone has saved CentacareCQ approximately $250,000 annually.

How has the rostering functionality in Home Care Manager simplified your rostering processes?

We have found iCareHealth’s home care solution to be a very reliable system, and the rostering functionality is no exception. Our roster staff now have greater knowledge around worker availability to coordinate rosters in a timely, error-free manner. Distributing rosters in a set time-frame provides our workers with peace of mind and enables our coordinators to plan ahead for the coming weeks. The rostering functionality allows our coordinators to more easily manage staff leave requirements; a process that had been time consuming and stressful in the past. Home Care Manager automatically considers factors such as consumer requirements and preferences, staff availability and location, qualifications, and continuity of care; our coordinators are automatically shown the most suitable care worker for the consumer and the service.

How has the transition to Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP) funding been made easier with Home Care Manager?

With the recent transition to a CHSP funding model, home care providers now need to carry out regular DSS reporting. iCareHealth recognised the need to streamline government led provider processes, and designed data exchange bulk-reporting functionality. iCareHealth was one of the first vendors to offer this functionality, which greatly assists our organisation to streamline our government reporting processes.

How has an increase in mobility with the use of Mobile Care Worker benefited your organisation?

CentacareCQ has over 100 workers in the field, so mobility is very important to us. With the use of Mobile Care Worker, each worker has access to visit information, automatic alerts and timesheet confirmations, and can record variations to completed tasks during a visit on their smartphone. Our coordinators can then manage all aspects of timesheet and payroll management through the Home Care Manager software in real time. From printing, recording, and verification, through to the storing of timesheets – the efficiencies created by using Home Care Manager saves CentacareCQ the equivalent of two staff over two days in payroll processing each fortnight. Our coordinators have a significant workload to manage, so this time saving enables them to stay on top of the tasks at hand and build efficiencies in their business processes.

How has your organisation benefited from the client support iCareHealth provides?

The iCareHealth Support team have been a fantastic resource. They have a wealth of knowledge about the software and our team has comfort in knowing they can call or email them whenever they have a question.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Home Care Manager?

For CentacareCQ, the biggest advantage of using Home Care Manager has been the ease of rostering and coordinating staff service delivery. The rostering feature has saved our organisation a significant amount of money. In fact, the savings this feature brought us in the first year alone more than paid for the cost of purchasing Home Care Manager.

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