Medication Management software enhances quality of care at Scalabrini Village

| 06 May 2015

In 2012, award winning NSW residential aged care provider, Scalabrini Village, implemented iCareHealth’s Medication Management software across all six of its Villages. Scalabrini Village’s Clinical Information Systems Manager, Tershia Bunsee, worked alongside the team at iCareHealth to deliver a successful implementation; all within a short time frame. We interviewed Tershia to learn about Scalabrini Village’s Medication Management implementation process and find out how the software has enhanced the quality of care delivered to their residents.

“Once we had implemented Medication Management software, we were able to solve the issue of non-signage” – Tershia Bunsee, Clinical Information Systems Manager.

A partnered approach to implementation

The implementation goal for Medication Management at Scalabrini Village was to complete a software rollout throughout their six Villages within 12 months. iCareHealth’s Implementation Consultant recognised the importance of a clear plan to ensure Scalabrini Village’s tight implementation deadline was met. As a result, detailed project plans and a time frame were established, with frequent calls and visits to the Villages ensuring the implementation process remained on track.

“The Implementation Consultant we were partnered with was exceptionally knowledgeable, and when not on site, she was always accessible by phone,” stated Tershia.

Communication critical to success

To ease any concerns raised by the tight implementation deadline, it was essential for Scalabrini Village to effectively communicate with staff, residents and their families to ensure all were aware of the impending implementation.

“Our Implementation Consultant suggested informative ways to keep all parties notified. Letter templates were provided to introduce the software to our GPs and pharmacies, as well as explanatory posters which were placed across our Villages. Regular meetings were held with the senior management team and external IT provider to ensure hardware requirements and physical environments were taken into consideration,” Tershia advised.

“The Implementation Consultant we were partnered with was exceptionally knowledgeable, and when not on site, she was always accessible by phone” – Tershia Bunsee, Clinical Information Systems Manager.

Help every step of the way

Even though coordinating training with staff availability presented challenges – particularly with such a tight deadline – Tershia expressed that the iCareHealth Training Consultants were very supportive and accommodating.

This level of support was particularly appreciated when working with staff who had limited computer skills, which was an initial concern for Scalabrini Village management.

“Our Implementation and Training Consultants ensured extra training was scheduled for those who required more assistance. We also operated on a buddy system to help alleviate any concerns staff may have had once they had completed their training,” Tershia stated.

“Investing in the training ensured staff had the knowledge and skills to embrace the software with confidence.”

Pharmacy relationships improved

Utilising an electronic medication management system was seen as an advantage for Scalabrini Village’s pharmacy partners. It has made for much simpler communication between each Village and their respective pharmacy.

“The software has strengthened our pharmacy relationships and streamlined communication via the use of pharmacy messenger,” stated Tershia.

In addition, the ability to generate electronic profiles has proven to be a valuable feature, with Villages no longer reliant on pharmacies for their production. This has provided care staff with more ownership of the profiles, which has further enhanced Scalabrini Village’s communication with their pharmacies.

Mobility a stand out feature

Scalabrini Village found many of the Medication Management software features made a difference to daily practices across the six Villages.

“The ability to utilise Medication Management on a mobile device for administration has eliminated the need for folders and excess paperwork to be carried on the trolleys. It also provides our staff with the ability to view and record resident information at the point of care,” Tershia advised.

Non-signage a non-issue

Eliminating missed signatures and reducing medication errors were two top priorities for Scalabrini Village. They recognised by achieving these outcomes it would lead to better quality of care for their residents.

“When our systems were paper based, it was very challenging to keep track of missed signatures and medication errors for auditing purposes. It was our priority to overcome these issues to ensure we were providing the highest level of care and safety for our residents. Once we had implemented Medication Management software, we were able to solve the issue of non-signage. The medication reporting features, in particular the Missed Medication report, ensure accountability and follow up action is recorded against each missed medication at the end of each shift,” stated Tershia.

Improved quality of care and visibility

From an auditing perspective, Scalabrini Village now has transparency across their six Villages which was impossible prior to implementing the electronic system. The visibility has allowed management to monitor, audit and streamline processes across the Villages, which Tershia explained has made for a much more systematic approach.

As well as increasing visibility, Tershia expressed that moving to an electronic medication management system had provided Scalabrini Village with the tools to improve the overall level of care.

“Medication Management software has certainly assisted in improving the quality of care we are able to deliver. Our staff have found that having important information on a mobile device at the point of care was helpful in promoting safe practice. This was particularly the case in regards to information around resident allergies and specific instructions on how to administer medications correctly.”

“These features are also very helpful for agency staff who do not have the detailed knowledge of our residents and their care needs. Many agency staff had already used the iCareHealth system which made the transition much easier,” stated Tershia.

“The reports associated with Medication Management enable us to review administration histories, daily drug rounds, monitor specific drugs and generate a hospital transfer report which has the most current administration history available to staff.”

Results that speak for themselves

“Our staff are now very at ease with Medication Management; it almost feels as though the system has always been in place,” Tershia said. “From the iCareHealth Implementation, Training and Helpdesk teams, our external IT provider teams, to Scalabrini Village’s Head Office and staff across the Villages, the teamwork invested in the project was significant and enabled us to achieve our desired results.”

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