Meet the team: a Helpdesk consultant’s tips for software users

| 10 Mar 2015
Helpdesk support

The iCareHealth Helpdesk team receives enquiries from clients all over Australia, relating to anything from basic connectivity issues to advanced technical questions. Split into home care and residential aged care support, our Helpdesk teams are available 24/7, and are focussed on providing quality service to iCareHealth clients. As well as providing technical support, our residential Helpdesk works on anything from helping internal staff with challenges relating to delivery of service, to upgrading clients to our latest version 4 Clinical and Care Management software.

Half of our dedicated residential Helpdesk team have worked at iCareHealth for more than five years, and they bring a wealth of product and client knowledge to everything they do. With a background in technical support, Shuaib Baig first joined iCareHealth as a Help Desk & Client Support Consultant for our residential software seven years ago. Since then, Shuaib has helped countless users, and lists the relationships he has formed with long-term clients as one of the reasons he has continued to work at iCareHealth after all these years, stating,

“When our clients call the Helpdesk they often ask to speak to a specific team member, which is a testament to the great relationships we have formed. There is a lot of confidence in our abilities, so that if I say, ‘Leave it to us’, our clients trust our team enough to know we will resolve the issue for them. Our users often tell me, ‘I’m happy it’s in good hands’, which means a lot to me”.

In continuing our staff profile series, we asked Shuaib to explain some of the most common technical support queries to help ensure software users everywhere are able to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Incorrect login details and permissions

With so many usernames and passwords to remember in day to day life, it’s normal for people to forget their login details every now and again. However, software providers need to ensure a high level of security is maintained, so often they will be unable to reset passwords for users. In this instance, users should talk to their onsite manager so that an administrator can update their login details.

Ensuring users have the correct permission level to utilise software correctly is essential. This is particularly important in the aged care sector, as residential aged care software often has a number of permission levels based on job roles and seniority. If you need to change your access level or permissions, speak to your onsite manager who can organise this change for you.

Unsupported browser issues

Using an unsupported browser can lead to significant display problems, such as distorted menu buttons. At iCareHealth, previous versions of our Clinical and Care Management software were only supported on Internet Explorer V 5.5 or higher, however our new version 4 software can also be used on Google Chrome and Safari. If your software is not displaying correctly and you are unsure which web browser you should be using, check with your internal IT support and ask them to update your browser if needed.

Even when using the correct browser type, such as Internet Explorer, occasionally users will receive a message saying their browser is not supported when they log into a software system. In most cases, this can be resolved by updating the compatibility view mode of the browser. To do this, go to your login page and find the small icon resembling a torn page at the end of the URL. Click on the icon to change it from grey to blue. Once this is corrected, users should be able to login as normal to find the matter resolved.

How you can help

When contacting your software provider’s Helpdesk or technical support team, there are things you can do to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. One easy way to help is to note down the date and time that the issue occurred, and take screenshots to help illustrate the problem. Another way to assist your Helpdesk is to write down the steps you took before the issue occurred. This can highlight to your support team whether there has been a step missed that might have caused the error. By gathering this information before you contact your technical support team, you are helping ensure your issue will be resolved quickly and easily.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit the iCareHealth Frequently Asked Question page, or call the iCareHealth residential Helpdesk team on +613 9652 8100.


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