Meet the team: Why tailored software implementations pay dividends

| 03 Sep 2015
Implementation and training

Effective software systems begin with a comprehensive implementation process and tailored training options. iCareHealth recognises that aged care providers have limited time and resources to dedicate to software implementations, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing high quality processes with minimal disruption. We spoke to home care Implementation & Training Consultant, Trish Brimelow, to learn about how the team ensures their clients’ needs are prioritised throughout the implementation process.

Meet and greet

Prior to a Home Care Manager software implementation, iCareHealth Business Development Manager, David White, will introduce a home care provider’s key contacts to their dedicated Implementation & Training Consultant. This consultant will work closely with the provider throughout the entire implementation and training process.

Site visit

The Implementation & Training Consultant will organise a site visit to get a detailed understanding of how the home care provider runs their business.

‘Every home care provider is different, so it’s important to find out as much information as possible about each client. That way we can tailor the implementation to their business structure,’ stated Trish. ‘This can involve talking to the HR, finance and IT teams, as well as learning about the provider’s expectations and internal processes’.

A site visit is typically very involved, and will determine any potential risks that may need to be addressed. Each individual’s training needs are also determined, and the consultant will assess whether any internal processes will need to change prior to adopting the software.

Client Report

With the information gathered from the site visit, the Implementation & Training Consultant will prepare a Client Report. This report highlights all implementation tasks and breaks down who is responsible for each item. From there, both parties will exchange data and the consultant can begin configuration of the software.

‘Once we have access to a provider’s system, we can interpret their data and configure aspects of the software to suit their processes,’ stated Trish. ‘Typically this step will involve regular phone discussions with the provider to make sure all pieces are running smoothly. Staying in contact also means that we can offer any help that might be needed’.

Acceptance demonstration

Once the system configuration process is complete, an acceptance demonstration then takes place. The consultant will show the home care provider their specially configured system, which gives the provider an opportunity to experience how it will work and provide feedback.


The training process is customised based on a client’s needs and computer literacy levels. This ensures that each provider is given the tools they need to utilise the system effectively.

‘Our team provides thorough training for each aspect of the software. These training sessions can cover anything from teaching coordinators to enter data in the software, to running through each module with users, to showing key staff members how to configure the system.’

The Implementation & Training Consultants ensure that by the end of the training, all users are comfortable with the software.


Webinars are often a key part of the training process, and are typically used as a refresher tool for staff who require further information about certain aspects of the software. Webinars can also be useful as a training tool for new staff members, or as a visual guide to help providers work through any issues that may have arisen.

Strength in relationships

Once the implementation and training process has been completed, the home care consultants remain in regular contact with their clients.

‘We want to ensure that all of our clients are happy, and that they know we are available to help if they have any questions. We also introduce our clients to the home care support team, so that the relationship is established if they ever run into any technical problems. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients every step of the way.’

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