New look MedMobile app speeds up medication rounds for San Carlo

| 05 Feb 2016

Based in South Morang in Victoria, San Carlo Homes for the Aged is an award winning residential aged care provider dedicated to providing high quality care to the Italian community. San Carlo recently became the first provider to utilise the new version of iCareHealth’s tablet component of Medication Management software, MedMobile.

MedMobile is an app that enables workers to access and record medication administration information using a tablet device at the point of care, which then syncs back to the core Medication Management system. We spoke to Quality Manager, Sandra Richardson, to find out how San Carlo have found the new version of MedMobile, and discover what benefits they have achieved through the use of iCareHealth’s Medication Management software.

“…by using an electronic medication management system, we have been able to reduce medication errors and eliminate missed signatures. In fact, our last two audits revealed zero facility-related medication incidents” – Sandra Richardson, Quality Manager.

Why did you decide to implement Medication Management software?

San Carlo began its partnership with iCareHealth in 2009 with the implementation of Clinical and Care Management software. The product was competitively priced, and we felt it was the best fit for our organisation. Once implemented, we quickly recognised the efficiencies it had created, and decided to implement Medication Management software. We valued that the products were integrated, and that we wouldn’t need to work with two separate software vendors to manage our clinical and medication management needs.

In what ways have Medication Management and MedMobile benefited your staff?

Moving to an electronic medication management system has eliminated the need for staff to carry excess paperwork during their medication rounds. Care staff can access and record medication information at the point of care using a mobile device. By moving to an electronic medication management system, we have also reduced the standard medication round time, meaning our staff can dedicate more time to caring for residents.

Our care staff have really taken to the new version of MedMobile. Many have commented positively about the modern design and simple visual indicator of round status. The resident photo feature enables staff to easily identify each resident without having to click on their individual name. This feature saves our staff time, and helps ensure new employees can easily identify each resident.

Our staff love that the new iCareHealth MedMobile app can now be used on an iPad. Many of our staff have iPad’s at home, which has made the transition from our previous mobile devices very easy. With a hard case on they are completely protected, and can be attached to medication trolleys just as our previous devices were. The training required has been minimal as our staff find this device – along with the new MedMobile app – much more intuitive to use. An added benefit of this transition has been the cost savings, as iPad devices are around a quarter of the price of our previous hardware.

How does the system benefit your residents?

Resident safety is a major priority for San Carlo, and by using an electronic medication management system, we have been able to reduce medication errors and eliminate missed signatures. In fact, our last two audits revealed zero facility-related medication incidents.

Did your staff find the new version of MedMobile easy to use?

Our staff have found the new version of iCareHealth’s MedMobile app very easy to pick up. As a result, we haven’t needed to implement any formal training. We recently had a staff member cover a night shift at the last minute. Without having a demonstration of the new app, they were able to use the system perfectly. MedMobile’s simple design and interface gives me peace of mind that all of our staff will understand the software within minutes.

What is the number one reason you would recommend Medication Management software?

By using iCareHealth’s Medication Management software, we have been able to considerably speed up the time it takes to complete our medication rounds. For San Carlo, that is our biggest advantage, as it means our staff have more time to spend providing care and companionship. With the advantages that the new MedMobile brings, I would rate Medication Management 10 out of 10. It is truly a quality product, and I would recommend the software to other providers.

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