Mobility – what are the benefits to care staff?

| 12 Aug 2014

Mobile technology has revolutionised the way individuals interact with one another, and is now changing the way we work. To highlight the benefits of mobile technology for the home care sector, we’re featuring a three part special on the key features for business, staff and care recipients.

Today we look at the importance of mobile technology in ensuring staff satisfaction through efficient and easy to use processes.

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Mobility – what is the benefit for providers?

| 05 Aug 2014

Every day there are more mobile phones sold than babies born. The mobile market is growing in all spheres and is already revolutionising the aged and home care sector with numerous benefits to providers.

Today we take a look at how mobile software can help home care providers from a business perspective; but make sure to stay tuned as we discuss the benefits from both a staffing and a care recipient perspective over the coming weeks.

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Budget implications and beyond

| 06 Jul 2014

Deloitte and iCareHealth held their second round-table lunch last month with senior executives from a range of aged care providers. The discussion, led by Tapan Parekh, Deloitte’s National Leader for Senior Living, focused on current developments in the sector. Here we summarise some key themes from the discussion.

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Momentum building for increased uptake of aged care IT

| 03 Jun 2014

There is no doubt that increased uptake of ICT can help support the many challenges facing the aged care industry, particularly as the implementation of consumer-directed care (CDC) begins, but there are still multiple challenges facing individual providers and the sector as a whole. However, momentum is beginning to build as advancements such as SaaS, cloud computing and mobile devices help to overcome the main barriers.

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Why investing in workforce development is critical to success

| 22 May 2014

Investing in software is based on the knowledge of the significant benefits the solution can provide to help your organisation. However, as staff leave and new staff come on board the domain knowledge of the software solution you have implemented becomes diluted across your organisation. In this post, we discuss why aged care providers must have a strategy in place for continued, comprehensive end-user software training to ensure you get the most out of your IT investment.

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Questions to ask before investing in an electronic medication management system

| 17 Apr 2014

Investing in the right electronic medication management system can make all the difference for residential aged care providers. When implemented properly, an electronic medication management system can help achieve immediate and substantial reductions in preventable medication errors, as well as organisation-wide efficiencies.

However, with a range of medication management software providers in the market, how do you decide which one is going to be the right fit for your organisation? To help you better evaluate the products in the market, we’ve come up with 9 essential questions to ask.

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What to ask when investing in an electronic medication management system – Part 2

| 11 Mar 2014

How do you choose the right medication management software in order to achieve immediate and substantial reductions in preventable medication errors, as well as organisation-wide efficiencies? In this post, we offer you five more questions to consider asking prospective software providers, which will help you to properly assess their company and product offerings.

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