Intuitive navigation is the standout of Version 4 Clinical and Care Management for Scalabrini Village

| 25 Mar 2015

Founded in 1968, Scalabrini Village specialises in providing dementia and palliative care throughout its six New South Wales facilities. With a distinctly Italian heritage, Religious Sisters, Italian speaking staff and cultural celebrations are a mainstay throughout their facilities. Since implementing Clinical and Care Management software in 2008, Scalabrini Village has become one of iCareHealth’s most dedicated clients. It was this dedication that led iCareHealth to approach Scalabrini Village to become one of our few chosen beta and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) product testers for Version 4 of our Clinical and Care Management software. Thorough beta and UAT is essential for any software company, as it helps ensure the new product or upgrade is working effectively before it is rolled out across the client base. We spoke to Scalabrini Village’s Clinical Information Systems Manager, Tershia Bunsee, to find out why they decided to take part in the software testing, what it involved, and what outcomes they were able to achieve.

“Version 4 of iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care Management software is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and has a modern and clean look which means staff feel more comfortable utilising the system and maximising its use.” – Tershia Bunsee, Clinical Information Systems Manager.

Why did you decide to take part in iCareHealth’s beta and UAT product testing?

When we were first approached by iCareHealth to test the new version of Clinical and Care Management, we felt it would be a great opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions for product development. We also wanted to provide our staff with the chance to become familiar with Version 4 prior to its release, and to know that their input was valued and would help shape the software.

What did the testing process involve?

The beta and UAT process was an involved but positive experience. Our initial set up included a team of 12 testers, who were individually selected from our six facilities based on their job roles and skill sets. Cases were then allocated to each tester, ensuring the correct access was established for each user.

The support team at iCareHealth provided a daily call-in throughout the testing process, so they could assess our progress and offer assistance as required. Once the initial process was complete and the test data results were reviewed by iCareHealth, fixes were applied to the system based on our findings. The software was then redeployed to our team so we could retest the specific areas to ensure the fixes applied had worked effectively.

Overall, what was your staff’s reaction to the new version? Has it enhanced the way they work?

Our staff really appreciated the modern look and feel of the latest version of iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care Management software. The ease of navigation was another key highlight for our team members, with the addition of tab descriptions assisting our staff with self-directed learning. The new search and sorting feature in the resident tab was a navigation standout, as it allowed our staff to easily and intuitively search for a resident.

The redesigned home page displays key alerts and tasks, which enables our staff to immediately assess the key areas requiring action. Our team has appreciated this feature and we have found our staff are utilising the tasks and charts increasingly as a result. This has assisted us with streamlining some of our processes and identifying areas of need more quickly, enabling staff to spend more time with residents and less time on administrative tasks.

The iCareHealth team placed a lot of emphasis on browser compatibility for Version 4, and the software now has the ability to be operated on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. By utilising the Safari platform it enabled us to purchase a number of iPads to be used across our facilities which improved staff mobility.

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Version 4 of iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care Management software?

The big advantage for any aged care facility is the ability to have access to all resident information in the one central location. By utilising an electronic system, staff have access to residents’ personal information, care needs and medication requirements all in one area. This feature has genuine time saving implications, as staff can call up the information they require almost immediately – without having to sort through piles of paperwork. The reporting function also enables the user to identify gaps and implement efficient processes across multiple facilities. Version 4 of iCareHealth’s Clinical and Care Management software is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and has a modern and clean look which means staff feel more comfortable utilising the system and maximising its use.

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