Simplicity in software: Creating workplace efficiencies through modern design

| 30 Mar 2016

The aged care sector is turning to technology to create more efficient processes and deliver better quality care. With worker’s computer literacy levels varying widely across the sector, it is essential that aged care providers seek out technology that has been designed with simplicity in mind. Utilising software that has a strong User Experience (UX) design focus is now a key priority for providers nationally.

User experience impacts productivity

Great user experience is achieved through a user centred design process that takes into account the users’ perception and attitude towards a product. iCareHealth’s User Experience Manager, Matt Sarah, explained that there are many questions that can help drive the UX process, such as, “Does the software make a user feel relaxed or frustrated? Do they find it easy to use, or do they struggle? Can they navigate the software quickly, or is it time consuming? These are some of the key user experience factors to consider when designing software”.

One of the main benefits of a user centred design approach for the aged care sector is the boost to productivity that can be derived from software with a clean and simple design.

“By allowing users to navigate the system with minimal clicks, workers have more time to focus on what they do best; providing high quality care. These benefits are particularly felt by users who don’t have a lot of experience with computers, as more intuitive software requires less training for non tech savvy staff members”, stated Matt.

User feedback essential

Seeking feedback is an essential part of the UX process, with Matt speaking to clients, stakeholders and members of the iCareHealth team at the start of every project. Matt explained, “You can learn far more from an in depth series of questions with a user then you can from simply watching them use the system. That’s how I really get an understanding of what drives a user’s work and what will truly make their job easier”.

iCareHealth’s MedMobile app

The new tablet component of iCareHealth’s Medication Management software, MedMobile, was designed with a strong focus on UX. The team’s aim was to create an app with a modern design whilst enhancing both functionality and focus. Extensive research was done before the project began to identify any existing pain points around the administration of medications, and to determine which features would be most beneficial for users.

San Carlo Homes for the Aged was the first residential aged care provider to utilise the new version of iCareHealth’s MedMobile app. Designed to enable workers to access and record medication administration information using a tablet device at the point of care, the app needed to be simple and fast to use.

Clean and modern design

San Carlo Quality Manager, Sandra Richardson, was heavily involved in the MedMobile implementation process, and saw many benefits from the new technology.

“Our care staff have really taken to the new version of MedMobile. Many have commented positively about the modern design and simple visual indicator of round status. The resident photo feature enables staff to easily identify each resident without having to click on their individual name. This feature saves our staff time, and helps ensure new employees can easily identify each resident”, stated Sandra.

User friendly devices

Creating an iPad friendly app was a key priority in the design of MedMobile, as client feedback indicated the devices were seen as user friendly and less expensive than typical clinical tablet devices. Sandra explained, “Our staff love that the new iCareHealth MedMobile app can now be used on an iPad. Many of our staff have iPad’s at home, which has made the transition from our previous mobile devices very easy”.

Less training required

“Our staff have found the new version of iCareHealth’s MedMobile app very easy to pick up. As a result, we haven’t needed to implement any formal training”, Sandra stated. “We recently had a staff member cover a night shift at the last minute. Without having a demonstration of the new app, they were able to use the system perfectly”.

With UX at the forefront of the design process, aged care providers can be assured that their software will meet the needs of their staff base and future proof their investment.

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