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New look MedMobile app speeds up medication rounds for San Carlo

| 05 Feb 2016

Residential aged care provider, San Carlo, recently became the first provider to utilise the new version of iCareHealth’s tablet component of Medication Management software, MedMobile. We spoke to Quality Manager, Sandra Richardson, to find out how San Carlo have found the new version of MedMobile, and discover what benefits they have achieved through the use of iCareHealth’s Medication Management software.

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Aged care and the internet: Why digital inclusion is the next trend in positive ageing

| 26 Nov 2015

Aged care providers are recognising the benefits of engaging older Australians through the internet. This can come in the form of marketing their organisation online, through to offering free Wi-Fi access or basic computer lessons. It is important that providers understand the value of this commodity in differentiating their business from their competitors.

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SLIDESHOW: What your organisation needs to know about medication management

| 15 Oct 2015

Residential aged care facilities are now administering an average of 9.75 medications per resident – an increase from an average of 7 to 8 only two years ago. Following this trend, it is essential that providers put in place a comprehensive electronic medication management system to reduce the increasing risk of medication-related adverse events. We’ve put together a slideshow to explain the significance of electronic medication management and how it can benefit aged care providers.

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