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1. eHealth & HI Service Information Brochures (7.13MB)
1A-Healthcare-Identifiers-Brochure-for-Healthcare-Providers (6.20MB)
1B-EHealth-Brochure-for-Consumers (2.02MB)

2. Healthcare Identifiers Service Information – including HI Service roles and responsibilities (810KB)
2A-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Introduction-and-overview (133KB)
2B-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Responsible-Officer-RO (151KB)
2C-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Organisation-Maintenance-Officer-OMO (122KB)
2D-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Authorised-Employees-AE (124KB)
2E-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Individual-Healthcare-Provider-HPI-I (133KB)
2F-Healthcare-Identifers-Service-Contracted-Service-Providers-CSP (147KB) 2E-HI-Service-Contact (128KB)

3. HI Service Application forms for setting up your organisation to be eHealth ready (1.89MB)
3A-HPI-O-Application-Guide (1.36MB)
3B-Application-to-register-a-seed-organisation (181KB)
3C-Organisation-Type-Reference-Guide-HPI-O (199KB)
3D-Application_to_register_a_network_organisation (135KB)
3E-HI-Service-AE-register-v2.0 (101KB)

Note: 3E to be submitted after HPI-O application has been processed and PKI certificate received from Medicare. This form must be submitted electronically by the registered OMO for the Seed or specific Network organisation via the Medicare Healthcare Provider Online Service (HPOS) website. Refer to the quick reference guide – Logging onto HPOS with a PKI individual certificate.

3F-Authority-to-contact-form (48KB)

Note: Only complete 3F form if you would like iCareHealth to be able to facilitate your HI Service Application on your organisations’ behalf. Please contact Lauren Murphy at iCare on 03 9652 8138 or via email for further information.

3G-Application-link-or-unlink-contracted-service-provider (110KB)

Note: We recommend that you link iCareHealth to your Organisation as a contracted service provider. iCare CSP organisation details (Question 13 – 15) are as follows: i. CSP Organisation Number: 8003-6308-3333-5940 ii. CSP Organisation Name: iCareHealth Pty Ltd iii. Business Address: Level 2, 70 Jolimont St, East Melbourne VIC 3002 iv. Postal Address: As above

3H-Authority to contact form (30KB)

4. Other (252KB)

4A-Application-to-request-or-update-a-public-key-infrastructure-certificate (109KB)
4B-Application-to-register-healthcare-provider (151KB)
4C-Provider-Type-Classification-HPI-I-v7.3 (25KB)

After reviewing the documents above, if you have any questions or would like assistance with your application please feel free to contact iCareHealth via email at