Clinical and Care Management

Clinical and Care Management software can help residential aged care providers to improve business processes and provide quality care to residents. This software is designed to help management and staff significantly reduce compliance risks, increase efficiencies and maximise funding.

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Features of Clinical and Care Management

Detailed resident knowledge in one location, to help you deliver more personalised care

iCareHealth Clinical and Care Management software streamlines occupancy management by establishing a single electronic record of a resident – from pre-admission and wait lists, right through to discharge. The occupancy management feature retains a comprehensive history of each resident’s progress and current status within the facility.

Tools to automate progress notes and improve productivity levels

The progress notes feature allows staff to electronically update and record any detail associated with residents’ conditions, treatments and care.

When Clinical and Care Management is used in conjunction with our Medication Management software, a progress note is automatically created when a PRN is administered. An explanation about why the PRN was administered is also captured, which staff are alerted to during handover. This process ensures the effectiveness of the PRN has been evaluated, and that it can be monitored appropriately.

Save time with technology that converts observations into practical charts

Clinical and Care Management incorporates all the tools necessary to easily create observation charts and associated forms. Staff have the flexibility to record daily observations and easily convert them into charts for either individual or multiple residents. Clinical and Care Management software also offers two distinct types of charting tools: Continuous Charts that record routine observations on an ongoing basis, and Short Term Charts that record wound management and episodes, such as acute and chronic pain.

Achieve greater staff productivity with the ease of electronic assessment forms

Care staff can choose from over 100 aged care assessment forms that have been developed in accordance with national standards. With easy to use functionality, Clinical and Care Management lets staff create customised assessment forms based on the organisation’s model of care. In addition, each feature of Clinical and Care Management is integrated to save staff time. Information captured within an assessment form is projected across all features of the software including care plans, handover reports, progress notes and management reporting.

Reduce the time it takes to document care plans for residents

With iCareHealth Clinical and Care Management software, care plans no longer have to be a long and tedious task. Resident data is automatically transferred from assessment forms through to care plans, saving staff valuable time. Using Clinical and Care Management software, organisations can configure their dynamic care plan format to ensure staff are comfortable with the structure of information.

With a simple to use interface, staff can effortlessly prepare new care plans, review a resident’s previous care plan, and update or edit an unfinished care plan. A resident’s Summary Care Plan also highlights the necessary daily interventions in an easily viewable, electronic format.

Tools to support clinical decision making

The tasks and alerts features support clinical decision making and provides easy access to resident information. Tasks can be associated with one or more resident, and scheduled to occur on an ongoing basis for longer term care needs; resulting in less duplicate data entry, promoting more efficient practices.

The user-friendly home page displays resident alerts, overdue tasks and other essential real time information. This interface was created to help staff spend less time viewing and recording data and more time caring for residents.

Reduce the risks associated with staff handovers

Poor procedures during staff handover can lead to misplaced information, discontinuity of care and non-compliance during accreditation. Clinical and Care Management decreases the risks associated with handover procedures by enabling staff to easily create accurate handover sheets. These handovers incorporate the latest resident information from within the system.

Simplify the process of ACFI documentation, claiming and appraisals

Clinical and Care Management’s inbuilt Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) calculator has been designed to save time, eliminate paperwork and maximise opportunities for funding. All supporting evidence and documentation relating to ACFI appraisals is automatically linked to the calculator, which greatly simplifies the claiming process. This reduces the time it takes to complete an appraisal and minimises the possibility of a downgrade. The calculator takes the challenge out of ACFI administration by guiding staff through the appraisal process.

Uncover opportunities to increase funding with a built-in ACFI optimisation tool

The ACFI optimisation tool can be used to accurately indicate increases in scores and potential gains in funding – thereby maximising opportunities for ACFI funding. Clinical information is linked to the ACFI optimisation tool to reduce the need for duplicate data entry. In addition, iCareHealth Clinical and Care Management software incorporates an easy to use Quick ACFI Review tool that allows system users to see potential changes in funding if a full ACFI appraisal was to be completed. The Quick ACFI Review tool can be applied to reviews of existing residents as well as new admissions.

Gain greater visibility and improve business processes with easy to use reporting tools

Clinical and Care Management’s reporting feature is easy to navigate and centralises organisation wide data to provide relevant reports and key clinical statistics. By capturing and displaying information in real time, providers are able to use detailed reports to identify high risks and trends throughout the facility, contributing to better care outcomes for residents. These reports allow management to focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement, so that processes can be revised to reduce clinical governance risk and meet accreditation.

View and capture key information on tablet devices

Using a tablet, staff can capture and retrieve integrated resident and clinical information at the point of care. This helps to reduce errors and streamlines productivity, as staff no longer have to search through hand-written reports to find the information they need. Clinical and Care Management supports a variety of devices, so providers can choose the tablet that best suits their staff and procedures.

Cloud enabled for reduced operating costs

Clinical and Care Management software is cloud enabled so providers can host the software on premise or in a secure, scalable cloud offering. Cloud enabled solutions for the aged care sector increase the ease of interoperability with other modern systems, are more efficient to maintain, and are in line with global industry trends.

Streamline communications between facilities, doctors and hospitals by centralising clinical information

iCareHealth Clinical and Care Management incorporates eHealth standards which have been developed in accordance with the My Health Record, the Healthcare Identifiers Service and other eHealth initiatives. Aged care providers can electronically capture clinical information and securely share these details with GPs and hospitals via a resident’s My Health Record. Clinical and Care Management software also allows providers to instantly create a Shared Health Summary, Event Summary, and a Discharge Summary – all of which enhance the resident handover process.

What clients say about Clinical and Care Management

Royal Australian Air Force Association (RAAFA), Western Australia “Implementing iCareHealth has standardised everything, and has provided a centralised, cloud based location for all resident data – it’s like having all residents under the one roof. As a result, our reporting ability has been greatly enhanced, and we now have a high level of confidence in our knowledge of what is happening at every facility.” – Karen Borthwick, General Manager of Aged & Community Care

Scalabrini Village, New South Wales “The latest version of Clinical and Care Management software is very intuitive, easy to navigate, and has a modern and clean look which means staff feel more comfortable utilising the system and maximising its use.” – Tershia Bunsee, Clinical Information Systems Manager

Anglican Retirement Villages, New South Wales “Our partnership approach with iCareHealth supported the success of our implementation. The level of support, responsiveness and willingness of iCareHealth to work with us and guide us through the implementation made the process seamless as smooth as possible.” – Mark Aros, Quality and Development Manager


FAQs about Clinical and Care Management