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Mobile Care Worker is the smartphone component of Home Care Manager that helps to eliminate manual paper-based processes. It enables staff to view visit information, automatic alerts and timesheet confirmations, and allows the recording of variations to completed tasks on site during a visit.

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Features of Mobile Care Worker

Roster more consumer visits with real-time monitoring

With iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker, care workers log in and log out of each visit using a mobile device. GPS pinpointing within the software allows management to monitor a care worker’s location in real time, ensuring management can verify that workers arrive at the correct visit location at the predetermined time.

This level of data visibility directly impacts day-to-day decision making, as management can identify unexpected delays or changes to visits – creating a proactive approach to roster management.

Say goodbye to paper-based time sheets and manual updates

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker is designed to electronically deliver personal timesheets to care workers in a mobile-friendly format. The electronic timesheets contain the necessary information for the care worker, including an outline of the consumers they are scheduled to visit.

When changes to rosters occur, these can be easily sent to the care worker’s mobile while in the field. This means organisations will not have to manually prepare, print or post out timesheets to care workers.

Pinpoint the location of your care workers with GPS navigation

Mobile Care Worker’s location ID feature takes the guesswork out of managing and monitoring care workers. A GPS location is updated in the main Home Care Manager software and an alert will notify management as to the location of care workers when they log in to deliver care to the consumer.

Location ID is also invaluable when it comes to lone worker protection and emergencies, as management can immediately pinpoint the location of the care worker and send help if necessary.

Help care workers find consumers’ locations with ease

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker ensures comprehensive visit information is always available to care workers on their mobile device. Combined with GPS pinpointing technology, Mobile Care Worker also provides care workers with the map location of a visit.

In the event that a care worker misplaces their mobile, it is possible to deactivate the Mobile Care Worker system remotely, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected.

Ensure that care workers deliver the highest level of care during each visit

Mobile Care Worker prompts care workers to check off the tasks they have completed during a consumer visit using their mobile devices. Care workers are prompted to request an electronic signature from a consumer once a visit has been completed. This demonstrates that the consumer is satisfied with the visit, which can be used to manage the performance and ensure consumers are happy with their care.

With the arrival of Consumer Directed Care (CDC), it is vital that home care providers capture this kind of information in order to report on the services delivered, while devising ways to improve consumer service and care. Mobile Care Worker software simply automates this process for you.

Communicate important information to care workers in the field

When changes are made within Home Care Manager, the information is broadcast to the relevant care worker’s mobile device. With real-time schedule updates, it is also possible to easily allocate and offer shifts to multiple care workers at once. Care workers can choose to accept or reject the offer with one click, which immediately notifies management of the decision. All rosters are automatically updated to reflect the new changes – no extra paper work or phone calls required.

Comply with code of practice and ensure your care workers are protected

Developed in accordance with industry regulations, iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker’s powerful alarm feature is invaluable when it comes to emergencies. By pressing the lone worker alarm button on their mobile device, care workers can activate an alert that is instantly sent to coordinators and management. The care worker’s location is logged using GPS technology, and text messages, emails and phone calls can be transmitted until the care worker and consumer receive support.

Better ways to manage your team and provide care services for consumers

All consumer visits are tracked by Mobile Care Worker using the latest in GPS pinpointing technology. Home care providers can track each care worker’s location, and are instantly notified if a care worker checks in to a consumer visit too early, too late or from the wrong location. Once a consumer visit is completed successfully, the visit is marked as confirmed and supporting information can be delivered to management.

These insights help providers to make informed decision about their care services, while strengthening the quality of care delivered to consumers.

Reduce the time and resources spent on performance reviews of care workers

Mobile Care Worker’s performance review tool is able to interpret the information captured at every consumer visit in real time. This information can be used to gain an in-depth understanding of each care worker’s overall performance, which helps to simplify the performance review and management process.

Care workers have more time to focus on what they do best

By using iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker on a mobile device, care workers can easily acquire a consumer’s signature electronically to certify that the highest quality of care and services have been delivered. This signature is then electronically transmitted back to the Home Care Manager system, and is stored against the visit to provide valuable quality reporting for both the business and the consumer’s family.

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